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M.O.B. Academy is a place where hairstylist can learn hair weaving beyond the traditional sew (braidless) and a place where beauty pros business minds grow.


Master – “a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.”

M.O.B. online academy

M.O.B.’s Training Experience

You can't do braidless without doing business, therefore our technique trainings incorporate braidless and business.  We have theory and practical training for all our hands-on and look and learn classes, which enables us to meet beginners and advance level trainees at their learning needs. We provide our trainees with invaluable resources to succeed beyond class.

"We train so you can master it."

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Meet the Instructor

Master of Braidless Training is lead by Master of Braidless Shanitra "Shan" who has seven plus years experience in performing the no-braid sew-in weaving technique. During the years she has mastered the technique inside-out. Now Shan has found a way to create unimaginable hope for women utilizing the no-braid weaving technique to help women with hair loss.

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Interview with Voyage Atl


Conversations with Shanitra Voyage Atl

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"The most important advice that I can give to a woman just starting her career is that although you may start at entry level if you work hard, you can advance to the next level, the next, and the next. You have to do the work!!!"

Braidless Sew-in Interview 101

"The difference between the microlinks and the braidless sew-in is the type of hair that is used and the way it's installed."

Featured Articles & Interviews

Master of Braidless Class Review

I learned so much in the Master of Braidless. Shan, everything was wonderful, I learned so much today, everything was totally prepared, the slides, everything was so professional I loved the class. The presentation was everything. Just when I thought I could not do a sew-in you made things reality for me today. Now I can do a sew-in with links without being a braider.

IMG_5262.JPGMaster of Braidless Class Review

"My experience with Shantastic, the M.O.B., has been a wonderful experience. I'm leaving with lots of new skills and abilities, different techniques that I learned. She dropped a lot of jewels on me.

Master of Braidless Class Review

Andrea, Master Cosmetologist

I'm learning so much from this video! Thank you.

M.O.B. Testimonials

M.O.B. Training

Audio and Video Business Training


Our Audio Learning is designed to help stimulate and strengthen the business mindset of beauty professionals.

Our audio learning is coming soon.

Online Braidless Microlink Training

Our Digital Learning Platform is designed to help build and strengthen the technical skill set. We also incorporate business tools to help build better businesses behind the chair through our blogs, digital tutorials, live training and discussions within our online community.  

Hands On Braidless Microlink Training

Our Hands-on Training Programs are designed to cater to the needs of the students, which is why our M.O.B Training program offers different levels of training.

We train so you can master it. That's why we train in smaller groups during our group training sessions.

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