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The Beyond The Traditional Sew, No-Braid Sew-in Training walks you through the proper install method for a full braidless weave. Using micro beads as the base for securing the tracks instead of braids, you will learn how to create a flat, undetectable, and versatile sew-in without the use of braids.


Training Details:

-Bead & Sew Microlink Method

-Microbead removal

-Proper microbead install

-Sectioning for microbeads

-Securing the wefts



The Link Tool Guide

Retightening Training 

Client Consultation Training

Shampoo & Blow Dry Maintenance

Marketing Guide

Maintenance Template

Client FAQ Template

Bead Is Stuck


This weaving method is perfect for clients looking to stray away from a traditional sew-in, while providing fullness, length or color to help enhance their look.  This training is great for beginners, those looking to refresh their microlink sew-ins or advance their sew-in skills to a no-braid sew-in install. Having this skillset can help grow your income behind the chair.

M.O.B. Master of Braidless Link & Sew System

  • The video trainings will be delivered as a PDF file with links to access the trainings. No downloading required.

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