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Entering the beauty industry or stuck on how to get your chair business to on track? This e-book will help you run your beauty chair like a business and not like an employee. When you get into the mindset of running your chair as a business, you will begin to see change within your chair, business.


In this guide you will learn:

  • How to legally structure your business within the state.
  • The Salon Home in which you chose will have an adverse effect on your business operation: price scale, volume, income. 
  • You are a business owner if you are a booth or commission renter.
  • Owning a business takes everything you have and don’t have.  
  • How the prices for your services can be affected by the salon you chose to operate your business in.
  • There are several low to no cost ways to market and advertise your business but social media is the ultimate and social gateway to free marketing and advertisement.
  • In order to build brand awareness you must establish a brand. Create a buzz about what your brand is.

This Chair Is My Business

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