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Before You Hire Contractors

Oh the lessons you learn as you grow in business. When you know better you do better.

As a first time business owner, it was important for me to learn all I can about running a business. Some of my business knowledge came from my past job experiences, but the rest comes from reading, getting in rooms, and taking trainings. One thing that I learned is that you should have a Work For Hire Agreement when working with contractors like: photographers, videographers, graphic designers, website designers, etc.

You need this type of agreement in place to transfer the rights of the works by the contractor to you and/or your business. Without it, it does not grant you such rights. Therefore, before you hire a contractor for any of the above works or works you are unsure ask the contractor if they are willing to sign a Work For Agreement. If they are not, find another contractor.

Seek a lawyer to draw up a Work For Hire Agreement and to be adviced on best use for it.

*This is not legal advice.

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