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3 Ways To Grow Beauty Business

📝Be careful about the imprint your business is leaving on people online. Ensure you are replying to potential customers in your comments & your DM‘s with respect. Someone is always waiting to screenshot what you have said and ready to repost it to damage your name.

📝Double check your language on your website and/or booking site to see if it may sound offensive to a person who may want to book. Get a few people to provide you feedback on it if you aren’t sure.

If the website giving offensive, I'm not booking! I'm going to keep scrolling on to the next site that seems more pleasant in their language. I've heard the same from many clients that sit in my chair. So, do your business a favor, update the language on your website.

📝Make it easy for people to book with you by having a booking system and/or website in which they can book. This not only make it easy for clients, but it make it a bit easier for you. Having a booking website allows for people to book online with you 24/7. It helps eliminate the back and forth about schedule availability.

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